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Tags on AOL Stalker

Tags are a way for computers to easily identify and search different material. On AOL Stalker we use tags to provide a easy way to find users that are associated to certain tags.


We use a beta system from the website Taggit! that allows us to easily integrate a tagging and tag search system on our website. In a few weeks this system will be public and available for everyone to use.


Guidelines for using tags are as follows.

  • Your tags are public. Everyone will be able to see them!
  • Keep your tags brief.
  • Tags are space-separated. Use "bigbrother", not "big brother".
  • We provide a few example tags for you. Use them if you like.
  • Don't forget to click 'Taggit!' to save your tags.
  • Tags must be all-lowercase, no punctuation. Numbers can appear but can't be first. Smoosh them up: for "Web 2.0", tag "web20". Max 64 chars.
  • Avoid plurals please: "harddrive", not "harddrives".
  • For the opposite of a tag, prefix it with "!", e.g. "!funny" means unfunny.
  • Please use synonyms to describe something, if you use the tag "weed" a tag for "drug" is probably also in place.
These guidelines originally comes from Slashdot.org.



This searchable database contains 36389569 searches made by AOL users from 01 March, 2006 - 31 May, 2006. The data was released under a non-commercial research license by AOL. The associated README file contains further information about what data was provided. If you find any data that actually makes it possible to identify a user, please let us know using the [!]-function and we'll remove those references.