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Regexps on AOL Stalker

To further improve the possibilites of stalking we've added a "regexp"-box to the form. Regexp means regular expression and is a extremely geeky way to find series or automatas of characters in strings. If this doesn't say you anything or you just generally feel like grabbing another beer and a couple of chips, please dont read any further.


Anyway, this box allows you to use regexps as defined by the MySQL 4.x definition. As of now the search isn't done against the entire search query made by aol users but only against words. A word in this context is anything in a query that is divided by space, comma or puncture. This means you can find parts of words, number-series more easily. You cannot however use ^$ for anything useful (that we can think of atleast).


Funny searches include [[:digit:]]{4} which finds number series of 4 digits (years for instance). Use your imagination for more fun with this.


This searchable database contains 36389569 searches made by AOL users from 01 March, 2006 - 31 May, 2006. The data was released under a non-commercial research license by AOL. The associated README file contains further information about what data was provided. If you find any data that actually makes it possible to identify a user, please let us know using the [!]-function and we'll remove those references.