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About AOL Stalker

AOLStalker.com contains data from the AOL search data scandal - where AOL on purpose released a massive amount of private data for all the internet to see. On this website you, the normal user can search this data (just as all the hackers already can). We created AOLStalker.com to make the public aware, not to pry on peoples privacy. If you find anything in this data collection you want removed, please use the report function or contact us with the user id - we will remove it.

Just enter a word in the box on the mainpage and let the good times roll.

Want to know who's searching for you? Just enter your name and find out.

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The possibilities are endless, use your imagination.

Sometimes we also transport yachts for fun

Why did we create AOL Stalker?

We love to code. And some of these search histories are damn funny. Most people were talking about the possibilities for using this data to create more spam on the net. We dont agree that that is the best way to use this data. We think that this site puts a customer pressure on AOL and all other companies to create usable data integrity policies that actually work. AOL is clearly trying to hide this whole mess under the carpet, but why should we? We're the customers being used in their petty ways of making another million bucks for their owners. We're the ones paying for their screwups. Dont let them to that to you.


If you find any data that actually makes it possible to identify a user, please let us know using the contact form and we'll remove those references. It's not in our interest to put pressure on the customers of AOL because of their ISPs screwups.


2013-06-18 12:45

Due to overwhelming number of "SEOS" emailing us about removal of links because their software tells them aolstalker.com is a "bad" site, no we wont remove your link. The links on result pages are not bought by any SEO company. Email us a receipt of atleast a $100 donation to eff.org and we might consider helping you. Automated requests will be spam-marked and thrown away.

2007-02-03 01:15

A new record is broken - see the press release!

2006-08-15 17:21

Huge improvement to the database. After fiddling around I changed the way queries was made. Instead of one big query we now parse each word separatly which gave a huge boost (yes it's a bit weird, but apparently I'm smarter than MySQL). Results are as good as before. Use regular expressions if you want even more power (but they seems to have taken a performance hit, but I'll easily trade in that)

2006-08-12 16:35

After five days this site has been visited by over 22,000 people and served over 150,000 queries. Today we celebrate that with a proper design. Thanks to all our loyal supporters that have helped us remove personal information from the data, the people offering hardware, support and other helpful things!

2006-08-08 23:16

Right now we're closing in at the 4 million mark in parsed queries, but we also have many visitors checking the site out from websites like digg.com and others. There are about 30 users on the site right now! Thats really neat.

2006-08-08 14:33

After what looks like a hangup in the import scripts we've resumed operations and now have 10% of the database imported. We also removed the automatic "# of results returned" since it was eating way to much resources. As for now you'll have to use the offset-parameter to stalk beyond the first 1000 results manually.

2006-08-08 01:31

The import-scripts have imported about 1.5 million of the 36 million rows. The database is a bit slow. We'll see how things pans out. I have chosen to use a inverted word index and a link table between the raw data and my own structures to increase speed (mysql fulltext isnt fine grained enough and using LIKE is totally out of the question for 36 million rows of data).

2006-08-07 17:40

After the AOL data was published on the web there was quickly a spur of blog posts about this which we read. Quickly we realised the many possibilities of this opportunity. In just a couple of hours we had a first draft of AOLSTALKER.COM up and running with a subset of the data in the dumpfiles. The idea is to make it easy for a normal user to find out what other people search for.

This searchable database contains 36389569 searches made by AOL users from 01 March, 2006 - 31 May, 2006. The data was released under a non-commercial research license by AOL. The associated README file contains further information about what data was provided. If you find any data that actually makes it possible to identify a user, please let us know using the [!]-function and we'll remove those references.